Code of Conduct of Sonargaon University



(Effective from Fall 2019)

(Approved by 26th meeting of Syndicate on 12/10/19 and confirmed by 27th meeting of Syndicate on 27/11/19)

Code of Conduct for the Students

The university is a community of students, faculties, officers and staffs involved in learning, teaching, research and other related activities. In accordance with the SU Respectful Environment Statement, all members of this community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes positively to an environment in which respect; civility, diversity, opportunity and inclusiveness are valued, to assure the success of both the individual and the community. The Student Code of Conduct reflects a concern for these values and tries to ensure that members of the university and the public can make use of and enjoy the activities, facilities and benefits of the university without undue interference from others.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to any student enrolled in a department/program at the University. The Code applies to conduct that occurs on or near the premises of the Sonargaon University. It also applies to conduct that occurs elsewhere if it is related to university sponsored programs or activities, (such as travelling athletic teams) or if it occurs in the context of a relationship between the student and a third party that involves the student’s standing, status or academic record at the university.

It is with this end in view that the university authority has formulated a Code of Conduct for its students. The students of SU shall have to abide by the following Code of Conduct to maintain a congenial academic atmosphere.

A. Prohibited Conduct

Prohibited conduct under the Code includes but is not limited to*:

  1. Assaulting, harassing, intimidating, or threatening another individual or group
  2. Endangering the health or safety of others
  3. Stealing, misusing, destroying, defacing or damaging University property or property belonging to someone else
  4. Disrupting university activities
  5. Involvement in activities which tantamount to eve-teasing, verbal/mental/physical and sexual harassment and the like. If any student is found to be involved in such sort of activities, the matter will be seriously dealt with and if found guilty immediate disciplinary actions will be taken.
  6. Using university facilities, equipment, services or computers without authorization
  7. Using or operating any instruments, apparatus, machine in any laboratory without the presence of a Teacher or Lab. Technician.
  8. Inviting outsiders for gathering/meeting inside the campus or in its premises.
  9. Forming any types of club or society in the university by the students only
  10. Making false accusations against any member of the university
  11. Supplying false information to the University or forging, altering or misusing any university document or record
  12. Storing, possessing, using, transferring/distributing or trafficking with all kinds of unauthorized/illegal drugs or weapons, explosives (including fireworks), ammunition, or toxic and other dangerous materials in the university premises
  13. Smoking in the campus or in its premises as the university campus is a smoking free zone
  14. Violating Government liquor laws or alcohol policies
  15. Hazing
  16. Use of slang/offensive language, shouting and violent exposures in the class rooms, examination halls and at any place in the campus
  17. Breaking the rules of the university and the general discipline of the university
  18. Encouraging, aiding, or conspiring in any prohibited or socially not recognized conduct
  19. Any sort of political activities in the campus or anywhere in its premises
  20. Unauthorized Hanging or pasting any poster or any leaflet at university premises
  21. Uploading of indecent pictures or making indecent and untruthful comments via any website like Facebook, twitter, messenger, email, etc.
  22. Interfere with the free movement of the university students attending classes or laboratories or field work.
  23. Using of cell phones in the class rooms and in the examination halls (The students must keep their cell phones turned off or in silent mode) and cannot take in bath room
  24. Any type of writing (slogan or any sort of) on the walls, chair, table, furniture, etc. and pressing shoes against the walls of the class rooms, buildings or other places in its premises.
  25. Failing to comply with a disciplinary measure or disciplinary measures imposed under the procedures of this Code
  26. *Remember the Dhaka City Corporation and Govt. Laws that apply on campus.

B. Other Responsibilities of the Students
  1. Every student shall wear his/her Identity Card issued by the university from his/her arrival to departure time in the campus.
  2. Every student shall have to be very polite and modest in their manners with their teachers, officers and staff of the university and pay due respect to them.
  3. Every student should be respectful and cordial to the senior students to keep discipline and maintain a congenial academic atmosphere. Reciprocity is also sought and demanded from the senior students to the junior ones.
  4. Every student shall take care and protect all types of properties of the university and refrain/resist from damaging any property of the University.
  5. Every student should ensure and take care to put off the lights, fans, air coolers while leaving the class room. They shall take proper care of the multimedia, PC/Laptop, OHP, etc. and refrain from damaging such teaching-learning aids intentionally.
  6. Students shall try to be economical in using all types of resources of the university.
  7. While using elevators/lifts, students should stand in a queue in front of the elevators earmarked for them. They shall maintain discipline at the time of using elevators. In case of using staircases students shall maintain discipline to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  8. Normally students will have to take part in all the programs organized by the departments and the university.
  9. Students shall keep peace and harmony among themselves. They are not allowed to create violence and participate in activities detrimental to peace and harmony in the campus.
  10. Students are to abide by the rules and regulations as well as the instructions issued by the University authority.
  11. In case of any complaint/grievance against any student, official of the University, the matter must be brought to the notice of the university authority verbally or in writing.
Code of Conduct regarding wearing of dresses at university campus:
  1. It is expected that all the students of SU would wear decent dresses in a manner befitting to the academic environment of the campus and consistent with our culture.
  2. Wearing of “shorts” or “sleeveless” dress is strictly prohibited at university campus for a male or female student.
  3. A female student is expected to wear long and loose dresses with “orna” at university campus.
  4. Students are not allowed to wear/use cricket cap, sunglass in class rooms and examination halls.
Code of Conduct regarding male and female student relationship:
  1. It is expected that the relationship between male and female students should be such that no nuisance or untoward/undesirable incident occurs at university campus. The relationship between male and female students should be friendly but would not cross the limit of decency.
  2. Students of opposite sex should avoid touching each other (like holding hands, etc.)
  3. Students should refrain themselves from using indecent phrases or words or physically assaulting their fellow students even in the case of a disagreement or quarrel.
C. Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary Measures that may be imposed under the Code include but are not limited to the following:

  1. For classroom misconduct by a student, several actions may be taken as follows:
    • (a) Firstly, written or oral warning or reprimand may be given.
    • (b) Then 2nd warning may be given if misconduct continues.
    • (c)Notwithstanding these measures, if the student does not show any improvement at all, then stern action leading to his/her dismissal from remaining class may be taken.
    • After ending of class a meeting will be held with all departmental teachers under the Head prior to returning next class and a decision will be taken against the student; (or) the teacher can take the alternative measures as mentioned below in consultation with concerned Head.
      • (i)1st punishment is some reduction marks or giving zero marks in an assignment.
      • (ii)2nd punishment is the reduction in the final grade for the course.
      • (iii)Finally, for the continuing of violent behavior of the student, 3rd punishment is the failing grade for the course, in addition to expulsion from the semester through the Exam. Disciplinary committee.
  2. Probation, during which certain conditions must be fulfilled and good behavior must be demonstrated
  3. Payment of costs or compensation for any loss, damage or injury caused by the misconduct
  4. Issuance of an explanation, made publicly or privately
  5. Loss of certain privileges
  6. Restriction or prohibition of access to, or use of, university facilities, services, activities or programs
  7. Suspension
  8. Expulsion for one semester to forever from the university
  9. Due to ragging or eve-teasing a student will be expelled forever from the university
  10. In case of violation of any of the Codes of Conduct, the disciplinary action will be taken against the delinquent or violator
  11. Students are not allowed to take law or judgement in his/her own hand for any occurrence happened inside or near the premises of the university campus. If found, disciplinary action will be taken by the Proctorial Committee accordingly
  12. The University authority shall have the right to take disciplinary action against any student for any act considered as unethical or illegal in the eyes of law of the country
  13. In case of miss-conduct with the Invigilators and/or unfair means in examination halls, disciplinary action for punishment will be taken by the Exam. Disciplinary Committee

Besides, Disciplinary actions or punishment those approved by the Syndicate of SU for unfair means and misconduct of the students with invigilators or others in Examination halls and in its premises must be followed.