Sonargaon/ University

Alumni Terms & Conditions

Rules of inclusion of member

Any Alumni of Sonargaon University (SU) is eligible to apply for membership in a specified application form addressed to the Secretary General by paying fixed fee with the intimation of full confidence to the clauses and rules of the constitution of the Association and the applicant will be treated as a member of the Association subject to the approval of his application by the Executive Committee. There is a condition that the right is preserved to the Executive Committee to accept or reject any application.

Members' Rights and Benefits

  1. To attend the general meeting, participate in the discussion and submit proposal.

  2. To claim the explanations of activities of the Executive Committee as per rules and regulations and also to ask for the accounts of income & expenditure. 

  3. To participate in the election of the Executive Committee.

  4. To put forth the vote. 

  5. To be involved with any delegate team of the Association. 

  6. To advise for the interest of development of the Association or act in the Election Commission.


If any member is alleged with misdeed subversive to the Association or Constitution or against its ethics and/or objectives, s/he will have to face the music. After raising specific complaint in this regard, his/her membership would temporarily be withheld and after appropriate evidence proving the complaint, s/he would be expelled from the organization.

Reinstatement of Membership
In the cases of those members whose membership were cancelled, can be reinstated to the prior position following their applications and fulfillment of the conditions of section 10. In the cases of vacancy due to resignation/ release/ no-confidence/ expulsion/ termination/ death or other causes of any Officer/ Member of Executive Committee, could be filled up to keep organizational activities in smooth action.